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Food and Water

The world needs to produce 50% more food than it is today to feed the nine billion people expected to inhabit the earth by 2050, according to the World Bank. Yet climate change and declining crop yields are confounding that effort. In this section you'll read how a combination of compassion and technology can help solve the food and water insecurity already plaguing regions around the world.

EZ Farm uses the Internet of Things to Improve Food Security in Africa


IBM Research is using the Internet of Things to help local farmers in Kenya optimize crop growth. As Dr. Kala Flemming explains in a brief video, farmers using the EZ Farm IoT remote monitoring solution are seeing better quality produce and will also see more produce.

Intelligent Cloud Computing Lifts Villages Out of Water Poverty


A team from the University of Oxford hopes to lift five million people in rural Africa and Asia from water-related poverty by linking smart water pumps to the cloud. Learn in this video from Microsoft Research how Cortana Intelligence Suite is empowering project partners including UNICEF to monitor the health of water systems at regional scale.

Urban Farming - How Our Cities Can Grow Local, Affordable Food


Some 23 million Americans currently don't have access to grocery stores, according to this video from the California Academy of Sciences. Learn how young people are designing creative solutions to give more people access to fresh and healthy foods and combat food deserts in our communities.