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Compassionate Cities

All over the world, smart technologies are transforming cities -- reducing congestion, cutting crime, modernizing the electric grid. Yet far too often, these benefits do not extend to those most in need -- the poor, the disabled, the homeless, those without Internet access. Scroll down to learn how the same smart technologies that improve infrastructure can also improve the human condition. To focus your search further, click on one of the topic areas under Compassionate Cities on the right. 

10 Innovative Student Projects Reimagine Bangladesh’s Future


In May 2016, around 100 innovative graduate students from universities across Bangladesh participated in an innovation incubator to develop prototypes that could solve problems affecting their country, from healthcare to transport and infrastructure to agriculture and more. Watch this World Bank video to see the 10 winning projects.

Solving Social Service Challenges with Analytics

Leaders are under increasing pressure to rein in spending, while delivering better living standards in their communities. In a video and companion white papers, IBM experts suggest technology can play a significant role in increasing independence, improving quality of life and coordinating services for vulnerable populations.