Compassionate Cities

Compassionate Cities is a Council initiative to raise awareness about ways communities can reduce suffering and improve the lives of vulnerable populations through the use of digital technologies already being applied to solve other city challenges. Click here to learn more about the initiative – and scroll down for articles highlighting how technology is helping the homeless, the hungry, the disabled and other people in need around the world.

Energy and water efficiency pilot is helping food banks cut utility bills, redirect savings


A three-year pilot at Feeding America food banks is demonstrating how investing in sustainable energy and water efficiency programs can cut utility costs and make more money available to support their mission. Learn how well it's working in Tuscaloosa.

Blaming and shaming isn't the solution to drug addiction (but technology could be)


Policymakers from around the world were in Baltimore recently for a conference on opioid dependence and better ways to treat it. The UN's drug prevention chief had strong words about what's not working, so we rounded up a few promising tech-focused approaches.

India's VP: We can fight poverty with 21st century libraries


Hamid Ansari describes himself as a bookworm. But India's vice president makes a case for digital information – via smart libraries – as an equalizer that can help more people participate in today's knowledge-driven economic growth. Click for more on that plus a look at digital trends in public libraries.

Could your city's old folks use a helping hand from new technology?


The world's older population is growing at unprecedented rates, posing challenges – and opportunities --for cities around the world. Click to see examples of public and nonprofit agencies using technology and compassion to help older citizens live more comfortably.

Deloitte's tech-focused Conquering Cancer XPRIZE dubbed ready to launch


An estimated 36% of cancer is preventable – as is the pain and suffering that comes with it. Council Lead Partner Deloitte is determined to change that with a ' platform' that drives collaboration to develop an early diagnosis cancer screening tool. Learn how citizen scientists (and others) from your community can help.

Bridging human services silos that impede progress on homelessness


So many public agencies, nonprofits and philanthropies are working to end homelessness – but often they're doing it in silos, with little or no coordination. Read about efforts to change that scenario, including a data-driven, three-county initiative in Washington State and a public-private collaboration in San Diego.

Can technology improve lives in urban slums? 6 examples suggest yes it can


The New Urban Agenda adopted at the UN Habitat III conference last week addresses the need to create more inclusive cities as urbanization increases and the number of people living in slums continues to swell. Can technology play a role? It already is. Click for examples from Nairobi to Rio.

From Oahu to Asheville, voters will be asked to help fix the housing crisis


The nation may be focused on who will occupy the White House next year, but there's another kind of housing issue on Nov. 8 ballots. In cities and counties across the country, voters will be asked to reach into their pockets to help pay for more low-income housing. Click for a quick look at some of the proposals.


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