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Compassionate Cities

Compassionate Cities is a Council initiative to raise awareness about ways communities can reduce suffering and improve the lives of vulnerable populations through the use of digital technologies already being applied to solve other city challenges. Click here to learn more about the initiative – and scroll down for articles highlighting how technology is helping the homeless, the hungry, the disabled and other people in need around the world.

New research reveals disturbing trends in how teens cope with hunger


New reports from the Urban Institute and Feeding America shed a grim light on how teens cope with food insecurity and the alarming consequences their actions can lead to. If anyone needs a wake-up call on why hunger should be a higher priority in cities across the U.S., this is it.

Toronto's anti-poverty strategy embraces 'social procurement' on city contracts


Toronto is making it easier for small and medium-sized businesses and nonprofit companies that do social good, such as providing jobs and training to marginalized youth, to get city-contracted work. A pilot with Black & Veatch showcased some of the benefits.

Utility: 200,000 low-income customers could save big on energy bills – but aren't


It just takes a simple online sign-up, but Pacific Gas & Electric says one in 10 of its California customers who are eligible for its CARE assistance program aren't taking advantage of it. That means they're missing out on a chance to reduce their utility bills up to 20% or more. What gives?

Using technology to predict dirty air can reduce its impact on vulnerable populations


The elderly and children are most vulnerable when it comes to air pollution – and a new report suggests premature deaths from dirty air may double or triple by 2060. Read how fascinating technology from Siemens gives advance notice of bad air days so cities can take preventive action.

New Smart Campus addresses youth unemployment and access to education


With high unemployment rates a serious challenge for countries around the world – coupled with increasing demand for people with technical skills – the new Smart Campus program launched by Ooredoo and Microsoft in Maldives sounds like a solution worth watching.