Compassionate Cities

Compassionate Cities is a Council initiative to raise awareness about ways communities can reduce suffering and improve the lives of vulnerable populations through the use of digital technologies already being applied to solve other city challenges. Click here to learn more about the initiative – and scroll down for articles highlighting how technology is helping the homeless, the hungry, the disabled and other people in need around the world.

UK councils partner on solar-plus-storage pilot to reduce fuel poverty


The National Energy Action charity estimates four million UK households live in cold, damp properties. Three London borough councils are determined to do something about it. Read about the solar and energy storage pilot they launched to see if those technologies can reduce the cost of heating homes.

How a UK supermarket works with towns and technology to reduce food waste


A poll of UK adults found only 3% see any stigma attached to wasting food – yet most turn off lights or turn down the heat to save money. Read how a supermarket chain is working with UK communities to promote smart technologies that help households reduce food waste and save money.

Stanford lab rallies brain power to find tech solutions to poverty and inequality


The new initiative brings together Silicon Valley tech leaders, experts in government and nonprofits and Stanford students and faculty to incubate low-cost, tech-based solutions to poverty and inequality. It's an intriguing approach; learn more about it.

Microsoft grants support solutions to affordable Internet access


Much of the world is still not connected to the Internet and the many advantages connectivity provides -- especially in economically disadvantaged communities. Learn about Microsoft's Affordable Access Initiative that is offering grants to companies with solutions that can help close the digital divide.

Latest data on homelessness in U.S. reveals progress, but so much more to do


There's good news on the homeless front, with data suggesting a continuing decline in homelessness among veterans, families and people with chronic disabilities. But the latest numbers also raise concerns that community leaders shouldn't ignore. Click for details.

UNICEF Innovation Fund invests in tech startups working to improve children's lives


Taking a cue from Silicon Valley, the United Nations announced its first round of investments in five emerging market tech startups with open source solutions designed to improve lives of vulnerable children. The fund is now taking applications for its next investment round.

Feeding the hungry: Digital giving options expand (and so does the need)


From a pay-it-forward takeout app to online red kettles and virtual food drives, opportunities to help the hungry have definitely gone digital. Click for a look at several clever approaches designed to encourage charitable clicking. Will they work in your community?

Social inclusion in action: Facebook connects lonely seniors with voluntary grandchildren


A Bolivian charity uses a social media strategy to bring joy to lonely seniors by recruiting young people to engage with them. With an aging global population, it's a compassionate model worth exploring elsewhere -- a way to promote social inclusion that benefits both generations.


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