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SCC in the News

Tech Republic: One of these 10 municipalities may be the next smartest city in the US


Ten cities were selected as finalists in the Smart Cities Council Readiness Challenge Grant program recently. Of those finalists, the five winning cities will receive readiness workshops geared to their particular smart cities needs in addition to technology and services to be provided by Council partners.

Statescoop: Smart state initiative sails onward in Illinois


State officials and partners gathered to map out their strategy for transforming Illinois into a smart state at the Smart State Roadmap Workshop recently. The two-day workshop, held by the Smart Cities Council, addressed sensors and Internet of Things, citizen engagement, services delivery and much more.

Illinois on Track to Become First Smart State in the U.S.


The State of Illinois’ Department of Innovation and Technology (DoIT) recently hosted the Smart State Roadmap Workshop, a two-day workshop to pursue becoming the first ‘Smart State’ in the nation. The workshop, delivered by the Smart Cities Council, had more than 50 participants, including the deputy governor, state agency heads, city officials, businesses, universities, national labs and non-profits.

Statescoop: How smart cities should include resiliency in their technology


While cities focus on technologies that will make their cities smarter, they may not be thinking enough about how to make them more resilient during a disaster. During a Smart Cities Week panel discussion, experts from the Department of Homeland Security, NIST and other organizations shared their thoughts on why cities need to think about resiliency, too.

The Hill: At Smart Cities Week, tackling opportunities and challenges


In this blog contributed to The Hill, Council Chairman Jesse Berst and Senior Director of Public Advocacy for Council Advisor CompTIA David Logsdon explain the benefits and opportunities smart city initiatives can provide and the smart technologies, investments and services that make them possible.