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Scroll down to read the latest news and trends in the smart cities space. Also check out timely articles about Compassionate Cities.

Vehicle-to-grid technology: It could be a smart idea for smart cities


Vehicle-to-grid technology, the concept of using electric vehicles to help manage the electric grid, could be a step closer to reality if Council Associate Partner Enel and its partners have anything to say about it. They have developed and installed a commercial system at a Danish utility and consider it a major step in addressing the technology's challenges.

What are the feds doing for smart cities? More than you might think


Does your city have the financing and technological know-how it needs to plan and deploy smart transportation and mobility projects? If not, read our story for details about examples of programs the U.S. Department of Transportation has in place that may meet your needs.

Utilities Advancing Cities


#UtilitiesAdvancingCities is a national campaign initiated by the Utilities Committee of the Smart Cities Council to encourage grassroots storytelling through public relations, social media campaigning and problem solving interactions to inspire utilities and cities to realize the benefits of collaboration for creating smarter cities.

How combining technologies can take a huge bite out of your cooling costs


During peak summer months, the heat in Persian Gulf states is extreme — so extreme that about 70% of the region's electricity demand is for cooling. Click to find out about a building management solution that can dramatically reduce energy costs and make your city more sustainable.

Smart idea: why Oracle's building a high school on its corporate campus


Earlier this year Oracle announced it would invest $200 million in U.S. computer science education as part of a larger global initiative. But company leaders wanted to take their education initiatives further. The company is now building a public high school on its corporate campus to teach students problem-solving skills and more. Read the story to learn what's behind the strategy.

Steal these ideas from top Asia-Pacific smart city projects


A total of 14 projects were recognized as the top smart city initiatives in Council Associate Partner IDC's annual Smart City Asia-Pacific Awards for 2016. Click to the site to learn about two of the award-winning projects and find strategies and approaches you can use for your own smart city transformations.

Three smart city funding sources you may not have thought about


One of the biggest challenges cities face when considering smart city transformations is cost. Installing and integrating the technologies that make smart cities work is expensive and many cities are simply unable to afford them. Read the story for funding ideas that may help your city reach its goals.