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Scroll down to read the latest news and trends in the smart cities space. Also check out timely articles about Compassionate Cities.

Planning for your smart city's future? How two tools you may already have can help


Planning a smart city isn't easy, in large part because a successful smart city roadmap needs to extend well into the future, not just the next few years. Read the story to learn about the tools two Virginia local governments are using to ensure that future is a sustainable, livable one.

How the Council and federal government are investing to make cities smarter


The Smart Cities Council and federal government kicked off Smart Cities Week with announcements of new investments to help cities leverage smart cities technologies. Learn about the White House’s new $80 million dollar investment and how you can get one of the five Smart Cities Council challenge grants.

Why microgrids will be essential for smart cities


Microgrids aren't quite center stage yet, but they will be critical to ensuring the strong, reliable electric networks smart cities and their all-important communications systems will depend on in the not-so-distant future. Read our dispatch from Smart Cities Week to learn more about the role microgrids will likely have in our energy future.

How do you build a solid communications network (and build value on top of it)?


A city can’t be smart without a resilient, strong communications network to tie it together. But how does a city go about deciding the right path to success? Read the story to get advice on the topic from some of the experts speaking at Smart Cities Week.