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Scroll down to read the latest news and trends in the smart cities space. Also check out timely articles about Compassionate Cities.

White House Commitment: Smart Cities Council Challenge Grants


The Smart Cities Council commits to award five Smart Cities Council Challenge Grants to help five American cities apply smart technologies to improve urban livability, workability and sustainability. For each of the five winning cities, the Council will deliver a tailored one-day Readiness Program during the 2017 calendar year.

Partner Spotlight: News for Oracle, Qualcomm, Current, Siemens, Cubic Transportation and more


Oracle's Center of Excellence... Qualcomm and GE's Current partner on smart buildings... a Dubai parks project for Siemens... Cubic picked for Singapore fare collection system... Black & Veatch wins honors... Click the links for details.

How one school district solved a critical problem (and saved money too)


After a long statewide budget impasse, several Pennsylvania school districts faced possible school closures. But one district, plagued with HVAC system failures and maintenance problems, decided to invest in a $3.4 million system upgrade despite the financial uncertainty. Read the story to learn why.

One way cities can stay on top of waste collection (Think sensors)


No one likes to see piles of trash on and around trash containers, and those unexpected overflows generate citizen complaints and unscheduled trips to empty them. Edinburgh, Scotland is trying out a sensor-based solution and city officials are liking what they see so far.

Need to keep your smart city project costs down? Consider doing two at a time


It seems like there's never enough money for everything city leaders would like to do to improve or add needed services. But by choosing the right upgrade projects, you might be able to save serious money by deploying two at the same time. That's what Enel is doing. Read the story to find out how.

2 smart healthcare trends that are saving lives (and cutting costs)


Two trends are changing healthcare – and cities and their medical facilities should be prepared for them if they're to maintain a competitive edge. Read the story to learn about an emerging approach that puts patients first and advances in wireless health technologies that provide better care at reduced costs.

How Finland's making a good health care system even better


Finland, already known for its healthcare technology innovations, has ambitious plans to further improve the health of its citizens as well as its healthcare system. With help from IBM's cognitive computing technologies, the country envisions becoming one of the world's top data-led hospital systems.