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Scroll down to read the latest news and trends in the smart cities space. Also check out timely articles about Compassionate Cities.

Cisco smart cities: Unleashing the market with 'lighthouse' projects that prove the case


In a wide-ranging conversation with Smart Cities Council Chairman Jesse Berst, Cisco executive Hardik Bhatt discusses his company's lighthouse strategy in the smart cities space, its role as a "horizontal enabler" and its two-sided view of the smart and connected communities market.

AT&T's new Community Central moves the app market forward


Cities are rightfully striving to deliver mobile applications to citizens. But almost all of them are delivering those apps as one-off, point solutions. AT&T has moved the market forward by creating a prepackaged collection of favorite applications. Better yet, this starter collection can become a platform for a raft of useful mobile solutions.

Localizing the concept of offsets to finance sustainable technologies


When we talk about innovation, we typically think of technology. But click for a good reminder from Smart Cities Council advisors Terrapin Bright Green and the U.S. Green Building Council that we badly need innovation in other areas as well, such as financing and policy.

How the UK measures the smartness of its cities (could it work for yours?)


The UK's Technology Strategy Board just released findings from stage one of its Future Cities Demonstrator Programme – a competition that has 30 UK cities developing innovative ways to be smarter and more sustainable. Don't miss this recap of common themes that are emerging.