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Smart policing: How 70 U.S. cities get gun violence alerts from sensors


In some neighborhoods, people don't bother calling 911 when they hear gunshots, which may explain why police in roughly 70 U.S. cities have turned to gunfire detection technology provided by Newark, California-based SST. Get details on how the ShotSpotter system works – and what to watch out for.

Why smart buildings are even more valuable than you think


If you are serious about making the case for smarter buildings in your city, you'll want to read a recent post by the Rocky Mountain Institute. Most people, RMI notes, try to cost-justify the technology merely on the basis of energy savings. But as you'll see, there's much more to the value stream for building owners and cities.

Greenfields progress report: Lessons from 5 of the world's most important new cities


Vitally important to the success of the smart cities movement, greenfield projects push the boundaries and encounter numerous challenges. They also provide invaluable feedback. Click for a look at successes and failures from five showcase projects.

Innovator: Zipcar steers a new business model for automobile transportation


We tip our hat this week to Smart Cities Council Associate Partner Zipcar for their work pioneering a new business model for automobile transportation. We can't discover and test new ways of doing things without the leadership of innovators such as Zipcar, which just announced expanded "wheels when you want them" services in San Diego.

China and U.S. agree smart cities are key to combating climate change


A new post from the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace suggests that U.S.-China climate change cooperation is climbing to the next level -- and that smart cities will be the focus. Find out why -- and what to expect when the action moves from the laboratory to the real world.

EDF smart cities: a holistic systems approach to urban sustainability challenges


French giant EDF's sustainable cities initiative led by Pascal Terrien is global in nature and seeks to define the ideal role of a utility in urban environments where 75% of the world’s population will reside by 2050. Click to read our Q&A with Terrien, one of Europe's leading experts on energy efficiency and sustainability.