See the benefits you receive as an Associate Partner

SCC's Associate Partners receive exclusive, high-level benefits, including access to SCC events and materials, prominent mention in materials and marketing campaigns, opportunities to showcase its clients and success stories and the option to participate in the project teams that design and deliver SCC programs. They support the organization financially, have access to all benefits, and have voting rights to choose the Steering Committee.

If you are interested in becoming an Associate Partner, please contact us for more information on the benefits, obligations and fees. If you'd like to learn more about the Council, watch this video.

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Associate Partner Benefits

  • Be plugged into a “smart network” of firms and individual experts
  • Contribute to and participate in a common marketing platform
  • Contribute to leading-edge research, best practices and case studies
  • Be eligible to sponsor, help design and implement advocacy programs
  • Participate in SCC summits and other events
  • Gain free and discounted advertising opportunities
  • Receive exhibition space and free passes at SCC events

Associate Partners are for-profit companies that are leaders in their sectors. We seek diversity by geography and by business. Businesses for consideration include (but are not limited to):

  • Architecture and engineering
  • Banking
  • Building and energy management systems
  • Construction and infrastructure
  • Consulting
  • Emergency response
  • Financial services
  • Geographical information systems
  • Healthcare
  • Information technology
  • Investment
  • Machine-to-machine
  • Networking
  • Real estate development
  • Smart grid
  • Smart metering
  • Telecommunications
  • Transportation
  • Urban planning
  • Utilities
  • Water

Please contact Smart Cities Council for more information about becoming an Associate Partner.

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