10 myths about smart buildings (and what the real truth is)

smart buildingsWhen you are "inside" an industry you often assume that everybody knows the current state of the art. In fact, public perception often lags 5 to 10 years behind. That's why articles like this one in Energy Manager Today can be so valuable -- they help you understand what citizens are really thinking so you can address their concerns.

We've listed the 10 myths below, but try to find time to visit the full article to read their suggestions for how to overcome these persistent inaccuracies. -- Jesse Berst

Many building owners and tenants still believe that:

10. Smart buildings are expensive.

9. Smart buildings are only about energy.

8. Smart buildings and green buildings are the same thing.

7. Industrial facilities cannot become smart buildings

6. Smart buildings can only be new buildings.

5. Smart building technologies are not interoperable.

4. Smart buildings are not more attractive to tenants.

3. Without a smart grid, a building can't really be smart.

2. Smart buildings are complicated to operate.

1. Smart buildings are a no-brainer (actually, this one is true, the article argues).


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