Smart Cities Solutions

How can I make neighborhoods safer in my city?


At the core of many smart public safety solutions is use of “intelligence” -- information that helps hint at the identity of a criminal or suggest where a wildfire is likely to occur. This collection of articles and resources highlight the importance of data gathering, data sharing and data analytics, along with the use of mobile apps, sensor technology and even facial recognition software to make cities safer.

How can I deliver enough clean water to my city?


Water is essential. It provides sustenance, supports industry and irrigates fields. But today city leaders are struggling to meet the demand for clean water amid swelling urban populations, aging infrastructure and mounting concerns about drought, flooding and water quality. Click for resources that highlight how cities are deploying smarter technologies to overcome these challenges.

How can I reduce energy use in my city?


Smart energy solutions give citizens, businesses and local government the tools and systems they need to reduce their energy usage and costs. In this collection of articles and resources, you’ll find reports about cities deploying smart street lights, intelligent building systems,smart grids, renewable power plants and other projects designed to use energy more efficiently.

How can I accelerate economic development in my city?


Cities that embrace today’s technology trends are attracting businesses, entrepreneurs and workers who thrive in the digital world. In this collection of Smart Cities Council resources, you’ll discover the various ways that technology is enhancing the workability of cities. Developments in high-speed Internet connectivity, mobile apps, cloud services, and clean energy are among the highlighted solutions.

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